Best swimming spots in South West Australia

Indijup Natural spa-

At the end of Indijup beach you’ll find this beautiful natural spa, you can now find it on google maps which will direct you to the car park just above it, from here walk down to the left at the end turn right, and it’ll lead you straight to this little gem. It’s a rock pool with a difference- the waves crash over rocks creating a jacuzzi like feeling.

Meelup beach

Meelup is a small cove and it can get busy on a beautiful summer’s day but it’s so worth it for that water- think crystal clear blue with a sandy bottom that stretches out for miles- perfect for a swim or a float around.

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Eagle bay

This beautiful beach on the Cape Naturaliste is lined with crystal clear water perfect for a dip.

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The Aquarium- Yallingup

You can find this spot by driving just up the road from canal rocks, try not to follow google maps as it will take you too smiths beach, instead drive past smiths beach turn off towards canal rocks about half way down you will see a turning on the right. Park in the small parking lot- from there it’s a short five-minute walk down to the beach where you will find a large natural rock pool which is protected from the waves by rocks making the water nice and calm for a dip. You really are rewarded with your own natural aquarium the water is crystal clear and you can see a variety of fish here so pack your snorkel!

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Yallingup beach

A beautiful long stretch of sand with views of into the rolling hills. One side of Yallingup is quite wavy and perfect for surfing but it also has a lagoon protected from the surf by an outer lying reef and this means that it’s a pretty good bet for swimming any day and also a great snorkel spot.

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Castle Rock beach

Just down the road from Meelup is this equally beautiful beach- take the path to the right of the car park to see the beautiful rock formation it is named after and then head back to the beach just in front of the car park and go for a dip in the crystal-clear waters.

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Contos beach

This beach near Margaret river has tons of natural rock pools to bathe in- the whole surrounding area is beautiful too, so make sure you take a drive around- you can even set up camp here if you decide one day isn’t enough.

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Grannies pool – Augusta

Augusta is a lovely little town and this little gem is frequented by locals – its protected from the waves by an outer lying reef making it the perfect spot from a calm swim or a picnic.

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This is a very popular beach in Margaret river and you can see why, plenty of calm spots protected from the waves but also some great surf breaks, you can also do a lovely coastal walk around here if you want to move onto a different patch of sand.


Hamelin bay

Not only is this a beautiful beach that is perfect for swim its also frequented by large stingrays who aren’t shy at all and will swim right up to you in the shallows. Just make sure to check the weather before you go because if its windy the beach can get quite wavy.

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Foul bay-

Just down the road from Hamelin is this less know bay- you might even get it all to yourself! Just follow the road towards cosy corner and its signposted from there, don’t follow google maps as it tries to take you to the cemetery! The water is beautiful for swimming.

Honorable mentions

Bunker Bay

This long stretch of sand can pick up some waves when the wind is blowing in the right direction which is great for surfing but if you prefer a relaxing swim at the beach that’s also possible at Bunker on a calm day.

Smiths beach 

I found this to be more of a surf beach so if you’re into surfing definitely check it out and its beautiful for a beach stroll too- you might even see some dolphins!

Sugar loaf rock

This is beautiful rock formation out in the sea and a great place to catch the sunset- not necessarily a beach but on a calm day you can definitely go for a dip here!

Canal rocks

You can really see nature in its full force here at this natural channel carved out by the Southern Ocean, watch the water rush in between the rocks. On a calm day you can really explore the rocks and you can even swim here.

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