Best Hoi An Day trips

Da Nang

Da Nang is Hoi Ans more modern sibling city, the two are only around 45 Minutes from each other so it makes sense to check out Da Nang if you are based in Hoi an. For a day trip here, I would suggest checking out some of the beaches, heading to Marble mountain for sunset and then checking out the Insta famous dragon bridge as It lights up at night. If you’re looking for somewhere cheap but super tasty to eat, I would check out Taco ngon- its tacos but with a Vietnamese twist, we ate far too many.


Hai Van Pass/ Lang co

Jordan keeps telling me this was made famous by a top gear episode but I’m sure it was just as beautiful before but if you’re a top gear fan, Jeremy Clarkson and the gang did in fact film an episode here.

The best way to go the pass is to rent a motorbike, you really can’t beat these views with the wind flowing through your hair, however if you’re not so confident riding your own bike there are group tours where you can get on the back of someone else’s as well as jeep tours, the ride up is beautiful and there are plenty of places to stop to admire the view and get some photos however I would avoid the shops at the top as they are a bit of a tourist trap.

If you want to make a day of your road trip carry on to Lang Co, here you will find a lovely lagoon- there are several props in the water to have a photo shoot with for example a round swing, however you will be expected to pay a small fee, if you would prefer there is also a restaurant, which I don’t recommend food wise, that has a swing you can use for free if you buy a drink or snack, after you are finished here I would suggest taking the road to the left side of the lake its very serene and scenic and we met some lovely goats.

We also took a quick stop at the beach in lang co- it wasn’t the best beach I’ve ever seen and was quite littered, but there were hardly any people so it was peaceful for a walk up and down.


Son tra peninsula

This is a beautiful unspoilt peninsula just outside of Da Nang, what lured me here was it having its own rare species of monkeys (we didn’t see any but we did see other monkeys) but the whole trip ended up being great with amazing views and a stop at a beautiful temple on the way back.

We booked a private jeep tour after a lot of research we went with we went into the office in Da Nang and booked it in person – it was the cheapest one we found and private which made it more special. There are other options such as vespa tours- you are not allowed to ride your own automatic scooter to the top off Son Tra as its quite steep so if you’re wanting to do it on your own you will need to book a proper motorbike with gears but we found it easier to book a tour as they sorted out all the national park fees for us.


Bach Mach national park

This trip is a little further away than the rest but definitely worth it! You will need to hire a driver to take you as similarly to Son Tra they will not allow you up the extremely windy road on a scooter or motorbike. You will need to stop at the office to pay the national park fees and then you head up- the drive if beautiful although a little terrifying. Once you reach the top your driver should know where to drop you to start the five lakes walk, it’s at a restaurant and you will need to walk to the back of the carpark to start your walk- I had read reviews that the signposts were really bad and it was easy to get lost but we found it to be pretty well signposted, I also read there were a lot of leeches but luckily at the time we went I only saw 2 small ones, but do come prepared with clothes that cover your ankles and feet so you can avoid leech bites. The five lakes walk takes you past beautiful lakes and waterfalls- it can be a bit challenging at times but if you are moderately fit you should be alright, there’s a few river crossings and some bits where you will need to hold onto ropes to support yourself. The highlight of the park for us was ending up at the top of rhododendron falls with beautiful views over the jungle.


Tam Thanh Fishing Village

This lovely fishing village was adorned with street art in the hopes to increase tourismfor the local residents. We rented a scooter and drover here from Hoi Ann, we then spent our day wondering around the village admiring all the unique art works and watching the fishing boats on the beach. Make sure you drop into one of the local cafes and support the community!