5 Gold Coast Waterfalls

gorge falls.jpg
Gorge Falls

This one is probably the hardest to get to on this list but that also means it’s the least busy and you’re likely to have to yourself! To find this little gem drive all the way to the end of tallebudgera creek road at the end of the road you will find a small car park, park up here and then it’s about a 2km walk, however the falls themselves are not signposted, you’ll start out along the cream track, follow this first, after the third main creek crossing when the main tracks starts to head up hill take a left and follow along the creek, you’ll have to do a bit of rock hopping here but if you stick with the creek on your left you’ll eventually come to some fallen trees, climb your way over these and you’ll have arrived at gorge falls! There is also a steep trail to the top of the falls and a rope you can climb up but I wouldn’t suggest that unless you’re confident in your climbing skills.

currumbin rock pools.jpg
Currumbin Rock pools

Not exactly a waterfall although it does have a little one but this spot is only 15 minutes away from the coast and lovely for a swim on a hot day. There’s also an amazing natural branch swing, to find this just take a left from the main pool and carry along the creek, you’ll come to a small bridge and parking lot, the hanging branch is just past this.

cougal cascades.jpg
Cougal Cascades

Continuing along the road from currumbin rock pools you will find cougal cascades, they are series of small waterfalls with several different swimming holes along the creek.

moran falls.jpg
Moran falls

This waterfall in the green mountains section of the lamington national park is more about the view than the falls itself. Head toward o’rielly and there is a parking space for about 6 cars- try and get here early as they do fill up, from here the walk is well signposted. There are viewpoints to stop off and admire the falls and when you reach the top you will be treated with a beautiful view over the mountains.

purling brook.jpg
Purling brook falls

Springbrook park has a few waterfalls but purling brook is my favourite it does require a bit of a hike, at the fork at the beginning of the hike take the left and then it’s a circuit. There’s a beautiful bridge to cross and if you walk round the left of the falls you can stand underneath them.