Far North Queensland swimming holes

Stoney creek 

Nearest town: cairns 


This is a great little creek with plenty of spots for a swim, If you don’t fancy walking you can jump in right next to parking lot or you can walk up a path along the creek for a little hike, it ends up at a beautiful little waterfall with beautiful emerald green water. 


Behana gorge

Nearest town: Gordonvale 


This one requires a little bit of hike, it’s a bit up and down but it’s all along a concreted path so not too hard, there’s also a viewpoint you can stop at on the way but the main attraction is the beautiful clamshell falls were you can jump in for a dip. On the drive back make sure you check out the beautiful view of walshes pyramid. 


Davies creek falls 

Nearest town: mareeba 


This is a great little spot, you can camp out here and there’s plenty of swimming spots along the creek. There’s also a beautiful ‘infinity pool’ with stunning views over the valley.


Emerald creek falls

Nearest town: mareeba 


Any easy walk will take you to this beautiful spot, it can get quite busy on a sunny day but if you hike up to the top of the falls you will find lots of places for a dip and stunning views. On a quiet day definitely take some time to swim in the main pool.


Windin falls

Nearest town: atherton 


This one will require quite a hike. It used to be quite hard to find this spot but they have recently opened up and official walking track and car park and it is now signposted on the road. Once you find the car park it’s about a 5km Hike, its relatively straight forward and not too hard however the end it’s quite steep down to the top of the falls. Once you arrive you will find a beautiful infinity pool with one of the best views in fnq in my opinion. If you have a drone definitely take it here it’s so amazing to how high and powerful the waterfall is.


Milla milla falls 

Nearest town: milla milla 




This is popular spot but for good reason, it’s what you would imagine when you think of a tropical waterfall with beautiful lush greenery around a perfect drop of water - a Peter Andre video and herbal essences advert have even been filmed here. You can swim right up to the falls and even get behind them for a different perspective. 


Tully gorge np

Nearest town: ravenshoe 




To get to this spot head to the Tully falls lookout on Tully falls road and then take the rainforest walk all the way to the end and take the steps down to the river and then take a left along the river, find a spot to cross over and then you’ll be on a rock plateau looking over a valley, the view is the main attaction here but there are two rockpools that are possible to swim in if their has been enough rain in dry season the water can be low and stagnant but do so at your own risk as they are quite near a steep edge. 


Nandroya falls 

Nearest town:milla milla 


You start this walk from Henrietta campground (which is a great cheap campground). once you get there head to left of the campground follow the dirt road and then you will see the falls signposted you can park up here and start your walk. You’ll cross a footbridge and then follow along a path by the main road and then the falls will be further signposted. The walk to the falls is beautiful in itself there’s two options to walk a longer one or shorter one, we took the shorter one on the way there and looped round on the longer one on the way back- you will pass by other small waterfalls as well as the beautiful creek and tropical rainforest until you arrive at the magnificent 50m single drop waterfall 


Josephine falls

Nearest town: babinda or innisfail 






This is another very popular spot so try and go early if you can! There’s a reason why it’s so popular though, it has beautiful crystal clear green water (although it’s pretty cold) and it has its own natural water slide that you can enjoy. It has several different levels to check out, you could easily while away a day here.


Babinda boulders.

Nearest town: babinda 


This swimming hole is super easy access just minutes from the car park however If you want a quieter spot, follow the path to the right of the pool and there’s some beautiful spots along the creek. There’s also a walk you can do to the left to see devils pool but please stay on the path and don’t swim here as deaths have occurred.



Alligators nest

Nearest town: Tully 




Despite its name you won’t find any alligators here or their crocodile cousins this crystal clear pool in the middle of a few creeks meeting is a personal favourite of mine- the surroundings are beautiful and you can explore the different creeks.


Attie creek falls 

Nearest town: cardwell 









This spot is near the popular Cardwell spa pool which is also worth checking out, unfortunately we weren’t there in the right season and it was dryed out, however attie creek was still running and there are two swimming spots, one at the bottom of the creek and another up at the top next to the falls. At the falls you will find a beautiful view.


Wallaman falls

Nearest town: Ingham 




Australia’s biggest single drop waterfall certainly doesn’t disappoint - it’s incredible to see the power of the water here. It does require a hike down into the valley which of course means a hike back up- it can be a little sweaty and tough on the way up so make sure you are prepared with snacks and lots of water.


Big and little crystal creek.

Nearest town: paluma and Townsville 







Ahh crystal creek, so many good spots for a swim, first you’ll come across paradise waterhole which really is a paradise it’s a large deep crystal clear swimming hole perfect for swimming, after this you can follow the road to the rockslides, here you can enjoy sliding down natural rockslidesinto beautiful pools with a stunning view. If that’s not enough for you, head up the slightly steep road up the hill, here you’ll find little crystal creek which has several spots for swimming and runs under a beautiful little bridge. If you’re up for even more of an adventure continue up the road past little crystal creek and the township of paluma to birthday creek falls.



Elinja falls 

Nearest town: milla milla 








This is on the famous waterfall circuit with Zillie and and milla millaa. Elinja has a beautiful shallow pool at the bottom perfect for a chilly swim and the way the water flows down the rock is particularly beautiful 



Home rule falls 

Nearest town: cooktown 


The walk to these falls near the home rule campground. The campground itself is gorgeous and has a lovely creek you swim in plus being surrounded by rainforest. The walk to the falls takes you through said rainforest, it’s about a 40 minute walk but once you arrive you are rewarded with a beautiful multi tier waterfall.


Trevathan falls 

Nearest town: cooktown 








A beautiful little fall with a lovely swimming hole, there’s even a little rope swing for you to enjoy. Take the Amos Bay turn off the Mulligan Highway, there are signs along the road saying falls to point you in the right direction. It’s better than have a 4wd as the road is a little rough in places.