Best Beaches in Albany, Western Australia

East Bay

East bay is the picture-perfect beach with blue waters lapping on the shore, it’s a large bay which is enclosed meaning that the water is calm and perfect for a dip – if only the Southern Ocean was slightly warmer. East bay is also a free camp, get there early as it can get busy and aim for bay 1 just to the left when you are driving down to the campsite – it’s more private and you will have a view of the sea straight from your van/ tent.

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Frenchman Bay

Frenchman bay is everything you could want in a beach- beautiful azure waters with some of the whitest sand you’ll ever see. It's protected from swells so the water is calm enough for a relaxing swim.

Misery Beach

Misery beach is a relatively small cove with some beautiful rock formations- perfect if you are a keen photographer- there are some small waves here and we saw a few people surfing when we went so that’s definitely a possibility. Just down the road from here you will find Salmon holes, there’s quite a few stairs down to the beach but there is also a viewpoint at the top if you’d prefer to just admire it from there.

Bettys Beach

Just down the road from East bay you’ll find this little gem – you can also free camp here and there are a few more spaces than at Easy Bay- we preferred the camping at Easy Bay just because we could see the sea directly form the van but Bettys is just as good as an option. The beach is flanked with large boulders which are great for climbing on and to look out for dolphins or whales (in the right season)

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Little Beach / Waterfall Beach

Little beach in two peoples bay nature reserve is probably the most famous beach around Albany and rightfully so- this beach little by name and little by nature has some of the most beautiful water you’ll ever see. It also has the interesting feature of two big boulders right in the middle of the beach which the Southern Ocean washed up proving we should never underestimate its power. Once you’ve finished soaking up the beauty of little beach make sure you make the short walk over to waterfall beach which is equally as beautiful and even has a little waterfall running onto the beach.

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This long expanse of beach has a little something for everyone- it has waves for surfing, you can drive on it if you are a 4x4 enthusiast and it also has a more protected bay for if you want to take a dip.

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Emu Point

If you’re looking for something a little closer to town emu point is a great choice, take a picnic and sit on the grass admiring the ocean or go for a swim in its purpose-built lane pool, you’ll probably meet a pelican or 5.

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The Gap

Not a beach but I’m going to throw this one in there because you can’t go to Albany and not go to the gap. The gap is basically a gap carved out by the ocean- you can stand on a platform and look down at the power of the Southern Ocean as it surges up the rocks. It’s both amazing and little bit terrifying being able to look down under your feet and see the ocean crashing under you.

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